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Behind the shot - Alturas Lake Stanley,Idaho

Alturas Lake outside of Stanley, Idaho is a perfect place to Start a day of photography in the Stanley basin. Today’s behind the shot is about a thought that I truly believe in. When we are in a place as spectacular as Idaho we think we need to look for broad vistas, grand landscapes. I mean we left the city we came to the mighty west SHOW ME SOMETHING BIG. But remember as we are rushing around looking for that grand landscape, take a little time to look down and around you. Blur out the big picture look for color, textures and light in small spaces. When this photo was made I was all set up to shoot this large landscape of the lake and the Sawtooths as I was waiting for the light I took the time to turn around go on a 30 sec walk and found this scene. I spent the next hour working this small section of lake grass. Remember take the time to look around, and enjoy the small things..


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